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Parents of Murdered Children Portland Website

We are very honored to have this beautiful memorial for our children, Auggie and Anna. Washington State does not have its own chapter and we thank Parents of Murdered Children for including us. If you would like to have your child memorialized please contact POMC Portland Chapter. (Sept. 2013) .

THE GREATER PORTLAND IS NOW PLANNING ITS SEPTEMBER 25. 2015 NATIONAL DAY OF REMEMBRANCE. The event will start at 1:00 pm. A barbeque after the memorial will give our members and guests a time to visit and reflect.

We would appreciate any help with the expenses of hosting this event and will use donations for food or flowers. Many of our members travel a great distance to attend, and of course, everyone is invited. It is the largest affair we put on.

Parents of Murdered Children Memorial
Oregon City, Oregon

  • Office of Crime Victims Advocacy  You will be connected to your local Advocacy Office. This office will help you with crime victims compensation paperwork, counciling, and advocacy.





Symptoms of Grief

v  Shock    

v  Disbelief

v  Guilt

v  Anger

v  Fear

v  Physical symptoms


Coping with Grief and Loss

v  Face your feelings.

v  Express your feelings in a tangible or creative way.

v  Look after your physical health.

v  Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel, and don’t

       tell yourself how to feel either                    

v  Plan ahead for grief “triggers”. (holidays, events)



Get Help when You Feel

v  Feel like life isn’t worth living

v  Wish you had died with your loved one

v  Blame yourself for the loss or for failing to prevent it

v  Feel numb, disconnected from others for more than a few weeks

v  Are having difficulty trusting others since your loss

v  Are unable to perform your normal daily activities




Begin by getting a check up by your family physician. Trauma & stress cause many health issues that must to be dealt with.


         Drink water, stress causes dehydration.

         Take deep breaths often.

         Exercise daily. Yoga is a great stress reliever.

         Build your support group. Find people to talk to in confidence such as advocates, family members, friends or clergy.

         Get educated, it clears up confusion. (confusion causes stress)

         Limit TV violence & news, as not to become overwhelmed.

         Do your best to stay with a daily routine. Add “me time” for relaxation, reflection and meditation.

         Seek professional help if your eating or sleeping habits change drastically.  

         Keep organized records on the case. This will help you feel some control when being asked or asking for information.





         Keep a copy of the “Victims Rights”


         Take notes during phone conversations, meetings, or when doing research.  Keep these notes together. Organization helps. (use a sm. notebook &  folder/file works great)


         Have your personal information written out; your address, phone number.  (it’s easy to forget when upset)


         Have your victim information in front of you; names, dates, locations and police report case number when talking about your case.


         Write the names of the detective/police-sheriff & prosecutor working the case. Get these from the detective working your case.


         Have a written list of questions/concerns when calling an agency. Not sure what to ask, or where to start say, “I am a victim (or friend/family) and not sure where to start”.  The person on the line will help the conversation along.


         Record the date, organization, and name/title of who you are speaking to. Keep a list. 


         Ask the organization/agency to mail you any info they have that will assist you.


         Be persistent, yet patient, some agencies return calls. Always leave a message.


        Complete and sign a Crime Victims Compensation Application at the hospital, or funeral home (if homicide victim).  Return it to them.  It is a process and if all checks out  you will recieve your crime victims compensation number within a few days. Record the victim compensation number for future reference. This L & I insurance number will allow you to counseling and medical atteention due to the crime.


         In the case of a homicide, you may obtain a copy of the autopsy from the Coroners Office by showing proper I.D.


         Detailed info. is rarely given out to families on a victim’s open or cold case.  Even so, always ask any question you may have







Thank you Tri-City Herald for your report of the upcoming vigil.

Jim Huffman, (Wenatchee) Family and Friends of Violent Crime Victims, and state advocate will be our main speaker. Speakers will include 8th Leg. District Representative Brad Klippert, David Reeploeg Assistant to Sen. Cantwell, Benton County Prosecutor Andy Miller, Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant, Kim Keltch Crime Prevention Specialist for Pasco, a local victim and a domestic violence advocate. Dora Trevino, Stop The Violence In Our Communites, Bikers Agaisnt Child Abuse BACA. Service providers will be present with information. Our nations beautiful flags will be presented by the National Guard, a silent candle walk around the park will take place.
************************************************************************************ Candlelight Vigil in Pasco Honors Crime Victims and Advocates Posted: Apr 10, 2014 6:59 PM PDT Updated: Apr 10, 2014 10:19 PM PDT Tracci Dial, News AnchorCONNECT PASCO, WA - Many of us can't imagine what it would be like to lose a loved one, but two women who lost their children to brutal violence are using their painful experiences to help others. Luminaries lined the walkways of Volunteer Park, pictures of crime victims stood all over and the whole event was meant to honor crime victims and the people advocating for them. "It was very traumatic," said Nikki Cook. Her sister died when she was just a child. "My sister was murdered in '97 at the age of 13. I was 8-year-olds. So she was my big sister, my mentor, my role model... And now she's gone," said Cook. "We want to bring crime victims together with providers. 16 years ago, there was no help for us. Today there's help everywhere you turn," said Christina Pelayo. This was part of the healing process for Anna's mother, Christina. The park was a stage for several speakers including legislators, prosecutors and even a representative from the Attorney General's office. "This is crime victims rights week. 30 years restoring justice. We put together this candlelight vigil to honor victims and advocates that serve them," said Pelayo. While there were stories of heartbreak, pain and unanswered questions, there were also stories of hope. Dora Trevino's son was also murdered when he was just a teenaged boy. "When I gave my impact statement, it was all about forgiving. And when I forgave him, he turned around, looked at me, crying. He said, 'Mrs. Trevino, I'm so sorry,'" said Trevino. The candlelight vigil started at 7 p.m. There was also a recognition ceremony. Organizers gave certificates to all of the local agencies that offer support to crime victims and their families.

Bikers Against Child Abuse

Dougy Center Resource for children who are grieving


Help Find The Missing


Mothers Against Drunk Driving


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Parents' and Guardians’ Get Answers about Internet Safety


Childrens Defense Fund


Parents of Murdered Children


Compassionate Friends


Family and Friends of Violent Crime Victims


Loss or Grief Therapists in Yakima Area 98908


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Crime Victims Advocacy Network


WA. State Office of Crime Victims Advocacy


WA. State Dept. of Correction Victim Notification


WA. State Coalition of Crime Victims Advocates


WA. State Victims Compensation


Citizens Against Homicide


National Child Traumatic Stress Network


Violent Death Bereavement Society, Study-Research



Serving Survivors of Homicide Victims During Cold Case Investigations:A Guide for Developing a Law Enforcement Protocol


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